Friday, December 08, 2006

We're Moving!

That's right kiddos, we've finally been accepted for not one but two houses out of the three we applied for. We still haven't heard back about the third one, but I don't think we will get it anyway. The one we picked is a townhouse and it's wonderful, so close to work and public transport, and a huge shopping centre - it's great. I'm so excited.

The best bit?
I get to quit my job.

The second best bit?
We move in mid-next week, which means we'll be there for my 21st birthday (17th December) and Christmas. Yay, I can put up a Christmas tree! *clap*

I've started packing already because I don't want to leave everything to the last minute. I can just picture myself putting it off and then realising the day before we're supposed to move, that we have heaps and heaps of stuff that needs to move. We have a while before we have to move out or in because the owners of our current house are selling it so there are no new tenants moving in, and our lease is up and we didn't sign a new one, so we don't have to keep paying rent until the house is sold. If we had signed a new lease, we would have been expected to keep paying rent up until new owners moved in! That could take a long time because nobody seems interested in it. (It's a shitty house in a crappy neighbourhood with no air con, no air flow and no fans. Oh and it's overpriced. Majorly overpriced.)

I want to have all our stuff ready to move in one day. I don't want it to drag on. The bf is taking a day off work to help. It shall be great.

Here's Puddy doing her bit, haha. Her and boxes is halarious. I'll go into the garage and pull out a box (we've been stashing them since the lease expired about 4 months ago because we knew we'd have to move) and she'll come running in and jump in the box as I'm trying to put things in it. She jumped in the box that contained clothes and promptly started messing it up to get it nice and comfy. She's a character, my Puddy.


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