Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I'm allergic to Puddy

Yes, sadly, I have started having allergic reactions to Puddy.

The allergist told me ages ago that I am allergic to cat and dog saliva in one of those scratch tests (amongst a lot of other allergies) but when I said I don't have any allergy symptoms when I'm around cats, he said if I am exposed to it more, the symptoms might appear and they might get worse. Well, less than a year after we took in Puddy, I am getting symptoms.


Itchy, horrible hives. The biggest one I have at the moment is about 16cms across. That's huge. They are on my legs, I think because Puddy licks her fur, then rubs up against me a lot. I'm sad because it's itchy and annoying, but there is no way I am getting rid of Puddy! So I'm vacuuming and cleaning and brushing Puddy heaps to try to minimise the fur/saliva around my house. Yum, sounds so hygienic huh. Here's a pic of it - I have others but not nearly as impressive as this one. If you look closely (or far away, it's hard to judge because my phone camera stinks), you can see the red centre, then a swollen white ring all the way up to near the mole near my knee!)

That's the bad news, but the good news is I got some half-decent pics of Puddy! She's so adorable. I love it when I take photos of her at night and she looks almost blue. Adorable. Enjoy!

She does the best "Oh I'm so bored" look, haha. She had just woken up and loves to come onto my bed for a pat and a lot of purring. She's adorable. Hmm, maybe that's also where the hives come from ... I'd better go and wash my sheets.

Does anyone else have cat allergies and are in love with their cat? How do you deal with it?


Anonymous Annabel said...

Ouch! That does not look pleasant :(

11:41 PM  
Blogger Katy said...

Bel - nope, it's itchy. But it seems to be going away now. I was standing in the kitchen wondering why I was getting the hives on my legs only, and then I felt Puddy come up and rub up against my legs, her tail and all. And I went, "ahh, that's why." lol

9:39 AM  

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