Monday, November 20, 2006

Chicken Noodle Soup

I've been sick since last night - stuffy nose, sore throat, groggy head - you know the drill, so I decided chicken noodle soup was a good idea for dinner. I had ulterior motives though - I wanted to make heaps so I could put it in the fridge and just reheat it for a few days instead of cooking. I know, I know. Lazy. I didn't take photos while making it because I forgot, but I've got a few pictures of the finished product, and it was delicious! I promise!

Let's see if I remember what I did...

I got the boyfriend to cut one large onion in half, then slice each half into thinner pieces. I didn't want them diced because I prefer big chunks of onion in soup - they become limp and break easily when cooked anyway, so it's not a huge deal. He always cuts the onion because it makes me cry. For some reason, it doesn't affect him. Also, it helps him to think he's contributed, haha. Anyway, I put the onion into a large soup pan and added four small potatoes, just cut into quarters. Looking back, I'd probably add more potatoes next time, but they were my housemate's so I didn't want to steal too many. To the potatoes and onion, I added two smallish carrots thinly sliced and started them cooking over a high temperature. I'm pedantic when it comes to cooking things - it's my mum's fault, she always made sure everything was completely cooked (even to the point of charcoal). And lastly I threw in about five stalks of celery, chopped.

While that was cooking, I diced two chicken breasts into smallish pieces. I added one litre of chicken stock into the pan, then threw in the chicken, covered the pan and left it to simmer. I decided to make garlic bread to go with it, so I got one of those long French bread sticks from the store, and cut it in half. I'm saving the other half for another meal, as I'm trying to cut down on bread intake. I preheated the oven to about 180 degrees celcius for a fan-forced oven, and put about a tablespoon of butter in a cup and added about two teaspoons of crushed garlic. I put that in the microwave for about 30 seconds, until the butter was melted, then mixed it all up. I cut the bread on a slant (obviously not the entire way to the bottom) and then spooned the garlic butter into the cuts and rubbed it all in. Then I wrapped the garlic bread in alfoil and put it into the oven for about 10 minutes, unwrapping the alfoil for the last few minutes to help it become crispy on top.

Three minutes before the garlic bread was ready, I had to get the egg noodles ready. I've never used egg noodles before, so I read the instructions, then of course totally ignored them. I added the packet of egg noodles to a pan of boiling water and gently teased them apart (that sounds sexual). When they were soft (about three minutes or so) I drained them and ran some cold water through them, then added them to the pot of chicken soup, stirring it all together.

Then the garlic bread was ready and the soup was ready! I probably left the soup cooking before doing the egg noodles and garlic bread, for about an hour. I don't have a pressure cooker, which sucks, so I had to make do with the pot. I was worried about it boiling down, but I had no problem there. Of course I added pepper, oregano and basil (I always add oregano and basil to everything I make!) And here is the finished product:

The best thing about chicken soup? There's plenty left over! I just put a huge container of left-over soup into the fridge, which should keep everyone happy. I found it to have a lot of flavour. I'm not a fan of creamy soups, so I really liked having just the chicken stock as the "juice". What's weird was I didn't like the actual chicken pieces! I thought they were just not very tasty. I might do something different next time - or it might have been that I just can't breathe through my nose when chewing them, so it was uncomfortable. Either way, it's the first chicken soup I've ever made and it was a success! Yay!


Anonymous tfp said...

That sounds like something I'd really enjoy. I also prefer stock-based rather than cream soups. I also like soups with chunky bits - there has been many a time I've gotten all excited and keen to eat a curried vegie soup Jac has made, and then been horrified to realise that she fully intended to blend it all up. What a waste, I reckon! :-P:

10:30 PM  
Blogger Katy said...

tfp - haha I agree about the blending it up being a waste. Did she blend it? You have to make sure you hover near the kitchen when she's cooking soup to ensure she doesn't go anywhere near the blender... haha :P

10:59 AM  
Anonymous tfp said...

yeah...she always blends. She's a pureed soup person. Even if blending will make it look like poo, she will blend it.

3:31 PM  

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